"Now I know my sense of character! Next time won't you hang out with me!" - A's official catchphrase

A the Symbol Shifter (I 8 A B) is one of the minor heroes in the MPM franchise.


A is very nice and creative to his fellow Balloonatics. He is also a frequent editor in the Parade History Station, and if any of his friends somehow die in an accident, he has the ability to recover anyone who gets seriously injured (or in rare cases, killed) using his magic wrist.


Much like Four and X from BFB, he is a black-outlined symbol. He is mostly a red letter "A" with lighter-red limbs, while he can also shift his body into a letter "I" colored blue, a number "8" colored green, and a letter "B" colored yellow.


  • A has the ability to shift his appearance into the letter I, number 8, or letter B, as stated above.
  • As stated above, much like Four in Battle for BFDI, Shifter has the ability to recover any of his friends if they get seriously hurt.

Alternate Designs


  • He is the only character in the franchise who has black outlines.
  • He and George O' Gungeman are also the only characters to use re-drawn assets in the series.
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