Ashton the Hat (Ashton Astete) is one of the recurring heroes in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise. He appears somewhat often in the franchise.


You might be familar with Ashton the Hat, and when he's at the Parade Tower, you'll know where he's at.

An image collector who loves to rhyme, we know for sure he's in his prime.

His Idol Balloonatics include Archival Apple, as well as Tele-Pineapple.

He has other great friends like Poster Persephone, and even Balloon-Time Bethany.

He has many other great friends at the Parade Tower, so that goes to show that he's got power.


He is an anthropomorphic hat with red and white stripes (similar to the Cat in the Hat), complete with a face and object-styled limbs.


  • Most of his dialog in the franchise (with some exceptions) is in rhyming couplets.
  • He is the first male MPM character to have an allergy. (see below)


Ashton's Allergy

The second aftermath of Ashton the Hat if he ever says "Orange" at the end of a sentence.

It is revealed that Ashton has a severe allergy to saying the word "orange" (a word that nothing rhymes with) at the end of a sentence. If he does so, he'll lose his sense of rhyming. However, if he says that word at the end of a sentence more than two times in one day, he'll compress flat (similar to how the Cat in the Hat does on certain occasions). Much like Captain Candy and Clara Cutie, an epipen is the cure to both symptoms.
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