"What's up, toon crew!?" - Aviator Mickey Dragon's official catchphrase

Anthony J Mouse (or Aviator Mickey Dragon) is one of the main characters in Macy's Parade Mysteries. He is portrayed as energetic and fun-loving, as well as a daredevil. His short name is AMD. His favorite show is the House of Mouse, while 64 Zoo Lane is his least favorite. His favorite foods range from mac-n-cheese, to pizza, to ramen noodles. and lives with his pet beagle named Humble Shoeshine.


AMD is a mouse that is a hybrid of classic Macy's balloons, with blue quills (Sonic the Hedgehog). He has an aviator hat (Aviator Snoopy) which have holes for his ears. He wears a smiley shirt (Smile) and red overalls (Mickey Mouse) . He also has dragon wings (Happy Dragon), a mouse tail, and Sonic's shoes.



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The character has went through several different name changes throughout his existence. He was first known as Aviator Dragon Mouse from 1968 to 1971, then Aviator Dragon Mickey from 1972 to 1990, before gaining his current name, Aviator Mickey Dragon, in 1991.

His Own Balloon-A-Rama

One day, when he was bored, AMD made his own Macy's Balloon-A-Rama, featuring both haracters that appeared and not appeared as balloons in the Macy's Parade. Below you will find the balloons and floats that appeared at his Balloon-A-Rama.

PicsArt 08-02-09.05.23

The day when he opened Balloon-A-Rama was on August 25, 2019.


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  • Powering Glove: Just like Baymax, he has a hand that can shoot bombs to the enemies.
  • Frying Pan: When someone is trying to hack into the Parade Tower, AMD can use his frying pan to knock out the enemy, just like Rapunzel.
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