Baddy-Bean (Jaden8011) is one of the supporting villains in the Macy's Parade Mysteries.


Details coming soon


Baddy-Bean is based on Butterbean from Butterbean's Cafe, except she has dark blue hair, red pupils instead of blue ones, and fangs. Other differences include wearing a black soccer shirt bearing a skull rather than a chef's coat, her cupcake skirt being magenta instead of yellow, her leggings being black with red polka-dots instead of magenta with blue polka-dots*, the lack of sprinkles on her fairy wings, and her slippers being red instead of pink.*

  • will look like this when Liam's rendering comes out.

Chase Skywalker

He is based on Chase from PAW Patrol, except he wears Luke Skywalker's outfit and hair.

UniBob KittyPants

Hence the name, she is simply a cross between SpongeBob SquarePants and UniKitty.

Foul Foot

He is a disembodied foot with a face, complete with object-styled limbs.

Baddy-Bean's Minions

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