• Inflatable&SportsGuy1986

    Want to learn about what makes Jumping Janie so special? Check out this new MPM video where she comes to the rescue! Along with Janie herself, this video also marks the official debut of Jay Marcus, TNT, R.H. the Parade Banner, Luke deRonde, and Monumental Austin in my animation channel!

    P.S. Since this is the first episode of a series of shorts depicting the specialty of a single character, got any ideas for further episodes?

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  • Kaetly Rojas

    I'll probably draw Candy after being abused by the Tiny Toon characters (if you were in the Macy's Wiki roleplay you would know why) just because it seems like a great scenario to draw. Just Candy in pain after much cartoon abuse was taken. What do you guys think?

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  • Inflatable&SportsGuy1986
    1. Do you think Squishy Sandra and Gabby the Gelatin Girl should be portrayed as very close BFFs? I think that would leave a major impact on their characters, and plus, they'd go quite well together as a major friendship.
    2. Do you think Bryan Crowell should be the MPM version of Jimmy Fallon?
    3. Do you think there should be an Artist Club in the MPM franchise? (It'd consist of talented artists like Shea, SpongeField, TNT, Aymegg, etc.)
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  • Luisbarretto

    Scrap time

    January 19, 2020 by Luisbarretto

    Do you think we should scrap Finny Riser from MPM? I mean, He has more relation to the BFB fandom, not the Macy's Parade fandom. Do we need to scrap him? Yes? or No?

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  • Gunnar Tarbox

    Winter Avatars 3

    January 17, 2020 by Gunnar Tarbox

    Minor Heroes are Next

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  • Inflatable&SportsGuy1986

    Can I be honest with you guys? I don't think a music label company works as an MPM villain too just doesn't seem like a good idea, and I think it would partially give the MPM franchise somewhat of a bad name.

    So because of this, we need your help to make the final decision on whether the Busters of Parade Media should be part of the franchise as generic villains not representing the WMG or any other music label comppany, or to be booted from the franchise.

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  • TheSpongeBobandLoudHouseFan2007!

    As alot of you know, the company WMG has been taking down telecasts of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (ex. 2000, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2017, 2018, 2019, etc.) and because of this, I thought it would be suiting to make them some MPM villains. They will be portrayed as a shady business corportaion that take pleasure from erasing parade telecasts, memerobilia, and archives, which they are known and infamous in the Land of Wackiness for doing that, and they have a hatred of the Balloonatics for uploading them for other parade fans. So, I wanted to make this blog to see whether you want them to be in the franchise or not. See the poll below to answer.

    Also, leave a comment below about how they should look.

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  • Aavilamara


    December 26, 2019 by Aavilamara


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  • Aavilamara09


    December 23, 2019 by Aavilamara09

    My computer is not working ⚒ So Put a picture in my profile soon there more videos.

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  • Gunnar Tarbox

    Winter Avatars 2

    December 22, 2019 by Gunnar Tarbox

    It's Recurring Heroes turn!

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  • Gunnar Tarbox

    Winter Avatars

    December 21, 2019 by Gunnar Tarbox

    I'm making All Main Heroes in Winter Suits. Shea Polar Jay Marcus Harry Sparky Captain Candy AMD TNT Red Apple Sponge Starflake Derek Diana JDL DJ RH

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  • Inflatable&SportsGuy1986

    I know this is obviously not gonna happen, but I was wondering what Shea the Animation Superstar would look like as an actual TV channel.

    So, let's just imagine what STAS Entertainment would look like if it were a TV channel, and what the schedule would look like.

    • 12 AM - The History of Macy's Parade Balloons starring Bryan Crowell
    • 12:30 AM - The History of Macy's Parade Balloons starring Bryan Crowell
    • 1 AM - The Gremlin Gang
    • 1:30 AM - Macy's Parade Mysteries
    • 2 AM - Macy's Parade Mysteries
    • 2:30 AM - The Gremlin Gang
    • 3 AM - The History of Macy's Parade Balloons starring Bryan Crowell
    • 3:30 AM - Macy's Parade Mysteries
    • 4 AM - The History of Macy's Parade Balloons starring Bryan Crowell
    • 4:30 AM - The Gremlin Gang
    • 5 AM to 9 AM - Waiting for the Big Balloon…

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  • Polarjack77

    Polar The Robloxian - The Jester (Once Upon a Mattress)

    Shea The Superstar - Horton The Elephant (Suessical)

    Jay Marcus - Princeton (Avenue Q)

    Harry Humble - Willy Wonka (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (2017))

    Aviator Mickey Dragon - Luther Billis (South Pacific)

    Captain Candy - Audrey (Little Shop of Horrors)

    TNT - The Wizard (Once Upon a Mattress)

    George O'Gungeman - King George (1776)

    Sparky - Agwe (Once On This Island)

    Marcus the Magic Snake - The Snake (Beetlejuice)

    Archival Apple - Ironbelly (South Pacific)

    SpongeField - Spongebob (Spongebob SquarePants)

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  • TheSpongeBobandLoudHouseFan2007!

    So, me and Tiff were wondering in the chat: If the Macy's Parade Mysteries characters were advertising spokespeople for food, which mascots would they be based on for their commercials? In this blog, I'm gonna to predict what each Balloonatic would be like as a mascot for a brand.

    Shea the Superstar - Tony the Tiger (Frosted Flakes)

    Jay Marcus - Smokey Bear (Ad Council/United States Forest Service)

    TNT - Cool Spot (7-UP)

    Aviator Mickey Dragon - BuzzBee (Honey Nut Cheerios)

    SpongeField AlphaLoud - Lucky the Leprechaun (Lucky Charms)

    Sparky and George O' Gungeman - Wilkins and Wontkins (Wilkins Coffee)

    Nick-Noe-Network - Quik Bunny (Nesquik)

    Massive-Head Morgan - Airheaded Teens (Airheads Candy)

    Red the Loud Engine - Izzy (1996 Olympic Games)

    Polar the Robloxian - Chuck …

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  • TheSpongeBobandLoudHouseFan2007!

    As you might know, I designed an avatar for IceQueenNinjaWarrior last month. But Liam had a different version in mind, and I felt very skeptical about the avatar change proposal since I designed it first, while Liam states that his version makes more sense to the username.

    So because of this, Liam and I need your help to see which design you'd like to see more.

    Also, commenting on this poll is prohibited since public opinions can make it more predictable for either one to get more votes.

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  • Inflatable&SportsGuy1986

    As some of you might know, I designed an avatar for JelloIsGod. But Sponge had a different one in mind, and I felt somewhat disappointed about the avatar change proposal since I designed it first, while Sponge states that his version fits better.

    So because of this, Sponge and I need your help to see which design you'd like to see more.

    Also, commenting on this poll is prohibited since public opinions can make it more predictable for either one to get more votes.

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  • Inflatable&SportsGuy1986

    To be honest, guys, I think we should attempt not to often add more female characters based on unnecessary and minor users.

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  • Kaetly Rojas

    Invalid title

    December 1, 2019 by Kaetly Rojas

    Hello and welcome to my first blog on the MPM wiki! So far the series hasn't gotten past 2 shorts as i've seen, and with a movie currently in the works, it's time I show my episode ideas!

    1. George would try and force Shea to put Oobi in the parade. As a punishment, if Shea said no or ignored George's requests, Shea would be forced to watch Oobi for the rest of his life. The Balloonatics and Toon Team have a big battle with George and then George apologizes to Shea for requesting Oobi and promises not to do it again. (For now...)
      1. The title would be "George's Big Obsession"
    2. The Mafia Tribe takes over the Parade Tower while the Balloonatics are away for a picnic. The tribe hacks the system and renames the tower "Mafia Palace." The Balloonatics get…

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  • TheSpongeBobandLoudHouseFan2007!

    So, I was thinking: If the Macy's Parade Mysteries characters were parade balloons, what Macy's Parade balloons would they be based on for their design? In this blog, I'm gonna to predict what each Balloonatic would look like as a giant helium balloon.

    Shea the Superstar - Papa Smurf

    Polar the Robloxian - Bugs Bunny

    Jay Marcus and his Pikachu - Rocky and Bullwinkle (Version 2)

    Sparky - Woody Woodpecker

    Harry Humble - Jimmy Neutron

    Captain Candy - Dudley the Dragon

    Aviator Mickey Dragon - Mickey Mouse (Version 2)

    TNT - Sonic the Hedgehog (Version 1)

    Red the Loud Engine - Angry Birds' Red

    Archival Apple - Mr. Potato Head

    SpongeField AlphaLoud - SpongeBob SquarePants (Version 1)

    Staeflake the Whale - Baby Shamu

    Derek Cool - Garfield (Version 1)

    Diana Dimenette - SkyDancer

    JDL - Charlie …

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  • Gunnar Tarbox

    Here are some of the guesses on who's gonna be the final episode of Season 2. And it's going to be Spider-Man for the Finale! 

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  • Luisbarretto


    Yep, Green Shieldy has some facts and weapons you didn't even know! Here are they: (the links mostly don't have GS, but they are relevant enough for him as facts and weapons.)

    • There are clones and other colored Shieldys in his species, and there are over 100,000 bazillion of them in the world! 
    • He put all of the library of KA Home Video in the Living Room. (Logo Link:
    • He won't give Hungry Pumkin anything.
    • He has a pet. (Link: He also has a cyborg form here: With the cyborg form he can shoot a colored laser or a rainbow laser. Grab and drop who he did it to, and have assistants of my friends in Scratch, (At…

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  • Gunnar Tarbox

    Where are you guys on the chat today? It's seems very quiet

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  • Gunnar Tarbox

    Guys! We need to start Making more blogs because that blog badge isn't staying, we need to get that badge if we make more blogs. (This isn't farming)

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  • Inflatable&SportsGuy1986

    Below, you will find a list of what the characters' voices would sound like.

    NOTE: If you have a suggestion for a character's voice, let me know.

    • Shea the Superstar (Myself) - Sonic the Hedgehog (Roger Craig Smith voice)
    • Polar the Robloxian (Polarjack77) - ???
    • Cap'n Candy (Kaetly Rojas) - JoJo Siwa
    • Sparky (ToonBoomer) - ??? (any vintage cartoon character from around the 1960s)

    • Xavier the Spot Marker (Xavier) - ???
    • Stormy Days (50YearsofSesameStreet) - Principal Krupp
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  • MickeyMouseLover2001

    Big News!

    September 2, 2019 by MickeyMouseLover2001

    New episode of Macy's Parade Histories by BryGuy2000 "Raggedy Ann" is coming! join us on youtube on the video!

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  • Sonic232YT

    Gald I'm here.

    August 25, 2019 by Sonic232YT

    While I was in the wiki fandom, I found this so I click on it... and boy I'm glad I'm here.

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  • Lukederonde 3

    which is better?

    August 12, 2019 by Lukederonde 3

    which is better macys parade or fake macys parade's?

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  • Gunnar Tarbox

    The Best Wiki

    August 5, 2019 by Gunnar Tarbox

    this is proably the best wiki ever

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