"Sweet serene!" Captain Candy's official catchphrase

Captain Candy (also known as Kaetly Rojas, or Superstar Candy) is a teenage heroine who is a character in Macy's Parade Mysteries. She is one of many human characters on the team.


She is portrayed as a 14-year-old tomboy who loves action. She also has a lot of creative thoughts like SpongeField, one of her friends. Her other best and closest friend is Shea the Superstar.


She's a fair-skinned girl that has long red hair and a gold crown. She wears a pink shirt with a star, a yellow belt and gloves, jeans, and shocking pink boots.


Candy, along with JDL, were supposed to be based off their GoAnimate designs. But, due to several controversies surrounding the website, I&SG1986 decided to refurbish their designs, while still keeping them recognizable. The new design for Kaetly's avatar was positively received, and eventually became more popular than her original Vyond design.



The second aftermath of Captain Candy if she ever comes in contact with black licorice.

It is revealed that Captain Candy has a severe allergy to black licorice of any kind. If she digests one, her first symptom will happen, which causes her legs to stiffen up, and for her to gain a stomach cramp. This is specifically used as a caution, to warn her not to eat any more. This gets more and more painful until it is cured. If she eats two or more, her second symptom will happen, which causes her body to inflate into a giant, immobile ball with rashes, 6 times taller then her normal height. Unlike the previous symptom, this doesn't get any more painful. However, both can be cured with a syringe injected to her arm, which needs to be done by someone else, as she is unable to move if she is developing an allergic reaction.

Her Name in other countries

  • Capitaine Candy (French)
  • Capitàn Candy (Spanish)
  • Capitana Candy (Italiano)
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