"Zip,Zap,Zoom! I choose you! Hugs and Love for everyone, my heart is the biggest of all!" Catherine's official catchphrase.

Catherine the Wish Maker (TrueAndTheRainbowKingdomFan2007) is one of the main heroes in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise. 


She is the real True in every way imaginable. She likes to make wishes, be kind to others, and save anybody who is in danger with her wishes. Catherine also has a sidekick named "Flying Ace Bartleby", an very cute aviator blue cat, see his design down below. Her idol Balloonatics are Green Shieldy (Idol Balloonatic and Boyfriend), Red, and AMD, since they all like True and the Rainbow Kingdom.


Most of her design is based off True from True and the Rainbow Kingdom, with the addition of a red woolly hat with polka-dots, three colored circles on her shirt, a green skirt and leggings, and yellow boots.


  • Catherine is the first female human character to be based off of an actual pop-culture character.
  • Her hat, shirt design, skirt, leggings, and boots were originally planned to be for Sweet-Tooth Sabrina. But after her design was overhauled, it was decided that Catherine would use remnants from Sabrina's original avatar.
    Flying Ace Bartleby (Shea's Style)

    Catherine's sidekick and best friend, Flying Ace Bartleby

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