Clarice Corley (ClariceECorley) is one of the recurring heroes in the MPM franchise. She appears pretty often in the franchise.


Born and raised in Ohio, she is your average teenage girl with a big heart, willing to be accepted by others. Clarice is a great artist, and one of the many in the Parade Tower. She can be see trying to get into the latest trends and getting friends, but they usually make fun of her due to her weight. However, she has many friends in the Parade Tower that enjoy her just the way she already is, like Hayley (best friend/idol Balloonatic), Brooke, Gabby, TNT, and A. She's a major tomboy, so she usually likes to do masculine things like playing video games or watching sports.


She is a naturally overweight 15-year-old girl with brown hair tied into a braid, with a red bow on the side of her hair. She wears a red jacket overtop of a dark red shirt, gray jeans, blue socks, and green shoes.


  • Her design was originally going to be used for Ice Queen Isabella's avatar, but after it was scrapped in favor of a new design, it would later be decided that Clarice would take the form of this design.
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