"C is for Crumble! That's good enough for me!" -- Cracker Monster's official catchphrase

Cracker Monster (Cookieman49) is one of the supporting villains in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise.


Normally, Cracker Monster is a food-hogging lunatic who likes to compulsively eat anything, whether edible or not. However, when it comes to plans to vandalize the Parade Tower and History Station, he shows a surprising amount of cunningness. He is best friends with Mafia Monster, since they are both evil counterparts of Sesame Street characters.


He is based off of Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, but he has darker blue fur, crazy eyes, sharp teeth (similar to Cookie Monster's early designs), and foam in his mouth. He also wears a yellow t-shirt that reads his catchphrase, "C is for Crumble!"

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