"Oobi is love, Oobi is life." - George O' Gungeman's official catchphrase

George O' Gungeman (George the Nickelodeon Lover) is one of the main villains in Macy's Parade Mysteries.


He is possibly the most hostile of the villains, as he likes to use swear words when mad. His favorite past time is ruining the reputation of the heroes (mainly Shea, Sparky, Mickey, TNT and SpongeField). Like Sparky, he can produce clones of himself, which he likes to make an army out of. He also enjoys making fake news of an Oobi balloon being put in the parade. If anyone declines this, he gets livid and will start cursing at them. He's also the secondary leader of the Waste Seekers.


George is a giant blob of slime with orange arms and legs. He has lime green spots around his body, and a lime green face.

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