Harry Humble (LTPHarry) is one of the main heroes in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise.


Harry is one of the original members of the team. He originally took over the Parade Tower back in October 2016 in order to help fix the major messes made by the Iconicle People. After several months of trying to protect the Parade Tower, he eventually found a way to disable Iconicle People from ever going in the tower. Since then, all of the heroes past and present have had so much fun.


Harry is known for being a peaceful, loving and honest person to the other heroes. He also likes to create his own Big Balloon Parades as one of the main focuses of his YouTube channel, and quite possibly the most famous content he's made on his channel. He is also the tertiary leader of the Balloonatics, with the second and first being Shea the Superstar and Jay Marcus respectively.


Harry is a young British man who has short brunette hair, and wears purple glasses, a lime t-shirt, cyan shorts, and red shoes. He is also occasionally seen holding a flag that bears the IME Entertainment logo.


  • Harry, alongside Luke Deronde, are currently the only self-named characters in the MPM franchise.
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