Impostor SpongeField (also known as PlankNermal GangNumber) (TheSpongeBobandLoudHouseFan20007isG*y) is one of the recurring villains in the MPM franchise, as well as part of the Impostor Balloonatics group.


He is a gangster who likes to torture SpongeField and mess up wiki pages like Spider-Man for example. He also likes graffiti, and gets enjoyment from spraying rather vulgar words on stuff like buildings and walls. Usually, if he's making SpongeField's life miserable, a Balloonatic will come to the rescue and shoo his impostor away. If something doesn't go his way (ex. A balloon of Plankton doesn't debut in the parade or SpongeBob doesn't get removed from the parade) he acts like a whiney and immature baby.


Impostor SpongeField is similar to his good counterpart, but with the exception of the following:

  • He wears sunglasses.
  • He has a golden tooth.
  • Instead of the Macy's star pin, he wears a chain necklace that says "Suck It".
  • The SpongeBob hat is replaced with a Plankton hat.
  • The Garfield ears are grey (like Nermal) instead of orange.
  • The Woodstock is dark red instead of yellow.
  • He wears longer red socks.
  • His pants have numbers instead of letters.
  • His shoes are light blue instead of grey.
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