"Uhhh..... meow?" - Jamal the Hedgehog's official catchphrase.

Jamal the Hedgehog (Jamal's Animations) is one of the supporting villains in the MPM franchise.


Even though Jamal isn't as villainous as many of his other acquaintances (ex. George, Roman, and LaughingSock), he still gives the good Balloonatics a hard time. He acts moreso as an obnoxious obstacle rather than a threat, usually getting on the Balloonatics' nerves pretty quickly with his constant rambling about pointless topics. However, he will show his evil side every-so-often whenever he gets mad or wants revenge on somebody. His worst enimies are TogeBoomer, and TNT.


Most of his design is based on the original Sonic the Hedgehog movie design, but wearing a yellow shirt reading "JA" in blue and red, as well as cyan shorts.

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