Jay Marcus (born December 24th, 2004) is a protagonist of the Macy's Parade Mysteries web series produced by Shea the Animation Superstar. He was designed by JamarcusMudkip, an active contributor and main owner of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Wiki. JamarcusMudkip loosely based Jay on story time animator, TheOdd1sOut.

Jay is a caring and supportive balloonatic who inhabits the Parade Tower alongside his many friends. He is known around the building for his large amount of pets, ranging from cats, to parakeets, to fish. His most notable pets, however, include three cats named Leo, Layla and Kerry; four budgies named Ronnie, Larry, Kiwi and Berry; and a pet Pikachu.

Character origins

Jay's love of Parades started at a very young age when he would line up his toys and belongings to create a procession of his own. At the tender age of 6, Jay discovered the wonderous Parade with its fabulous balloons and magical floats. Throughout the next few years, he would recreate nearly every balloon in the Parade's history.

Due to his niche interest in the Parade, Jay would oftentimes feel left out at school and public gatherings. As such, he decided to seek independence with others who admired what he did for most of his life. While on his soul quest, he stumbled into the Land of Wackiness, admiring the surreal nature of the buildings and landscape. While going for a walk one day, he spotted a brightly-colored poster on a telephone pole. The flyer in question asked for people to help construct a mansion in which fans of the Macy's Parade would inhabit year-round. Jay's heart skipped a beat, and he quickly rushed to the site of the structure. Upon arrival, he spotted a blue Robloxian and a young lad from the United Kingdom. Over the course of a few months, the trio would construct the one of the largest buildings in the Land of Wackiness, dubbed The Parade Tower.


Shea the Superstar

Shea is one of Jay's greatest friends, as they both share the talent of recreating balloons from the Macy's Parade and a love for the Parade. Through a series of ups and downs, Jay paved the way for Shea's imenent success. With enough faith and trust in Shea, Jay would promote him to the second owner of the Parade Tower, heralding in a new era of the Wiki.

Harry Humble

Harry was one of Jay's first friends at the start of his Parade-focused life. Despite being from Britain, Harry was able to show Jay the ins and outs of the Parade and its many fabulous features. Eventually, Harry would become very focused in his college classes, finding nearly no time to assist in the operations of the tower. As a result, he was able to promote Jay to the official leader of the Parade Tower, a title of which he still holds to this day.

Polar The Robloxian

Polar is one of Jay's first friends at the start of his parade-focused life. 


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