Jay Marcus (JamarcusMudkip) is one of the main characters in Macy's Parade Mysteries, taking the role as the main bureaucrat as well as an admin.


He is often portrayed as kind to all and calm, with his favorite food being bacon pizza. In his past time, he commonly recreates Macy's Parade balloons through paper models and enjoys editing the Macy's Parade Wikia.

Fictional Biography

Jay's love of Parades started at a very young age when he would line up his toys and belongings to create a procession of his own. At the tender age of 6, Jay discovered the wonderous Parade with its fabulous balloons and magical floats. Throughout the next few years, he would recreate nearly every balloon in the Parade's history. Sometime during 2014, Jay stumbled upon the Macy's Parade Wikia in its early stages. As the years progressed, so did his writing skills. Day by day, and month by month, Jay became more and more drawn in by the fantastic elements of the Parade. In June of 2016, Jay made his first edit to the Wikia, not knowing what it would lead to. With many professional edits in his name and an obvious desire to learn more of the Parade, the then-owner of the Wikia, Harry Humble, passed along his bureaucratic duties to Jay in June of 2018. Within that year, he made many new friends on the Wikia, and later moved into the Parade Tower with other members of the Wikia, taking the reigns as the main caretaker of the building. He currently oversees the development of his own Parade, alongside occasional visits to Humble Parade Studio and The 1986 Celebration Parade Studio.


Jay is based on his creator, JamarcusMudkip's, real-life design, with freckles and styled brown hair, combined with famous storytime animator, TheOdd1sOut's, character design. Additionally, he owns a pet Pikachu, which represents his icon. Some of Jay's other pets include a cat named Leo and four budgies named Ronnie, Larry, Kiwi, and Berry.


Shea the Superstar

Shea is one of Jay's greatest friends, as they both share the talent of recreating balloons from the Macy's Parade. They first met in early 2018 when Shea moved into the Parade Tower. Over the months, Jay helped Shea become one of the best users on the Wikia.

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