Every character in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise is designed carefully, in order to be charming, endearing, and memorable. However, a change has to be made to a particular character's appearance sometimes for one reason or another. Below, you will find a list of characters who had different designs to begin with, but were changed later on.

Major Changes to Characters

Archival Apple

When the franchise was at its early stages, Apple's avatar was originally going to be a cross of many classic Macy's balloons (such as Underdog, Bullwinkle, Mickey Mouse, Happy Dragon, etc.). However, he was later changed into an anthropomorphic talking apple, to have it make much more sense.

Brooke the Peace Girl

Originally, Brooke had stylized blonde hair and a rainbow t-shirt (designed by Kamryn). However, her user counterpart already designed the avatar before Kamryn did, and Liam thought using it would be more fair. So, her design was changed to Brooke's version of the character, with the peace symbol added to her jacket, and the pink shoes as callbacks to her initial design. Despite this change, the hairstyle for the initial design would now be used for Massive-Head Morgan's hairstyle.

Butt-Head Brutus

Originally, his head was going to literally be a "Butt-Head". However, just shortly after the design was introduced, Liam rejected the idea due to the profanity of it, so he was immediately given an overhaul, with the rear end being replaced with the original character's head.

Captain Candy

Captain Candy was originally going to be based on her Vyond avatar. However, due to the website's bad reputation, and Liam's hatred for it, he decided to remake her design, while still using elements from the previous version of the character. The new design itself was a major success, and became more popular than the old one.

Daphne the Furball Girl

Originally, Daphne had red shoes and cat ears (designed by Alex Spark). However, the design was later modified to make it more original, as Liam and Kamryn thought it looked like "what would happen if Pac-Man and Chiara had a baby".

Gabby the Gelatin Girl

Originally, Gabby was going to be a shapely-bodied girl with gelatin-like physics. However, she was later given a refreshed look with a more "cartoony" style, as Kamryn stated that the shape of the original design compared to her softbody physics would not work, and the new design would be faster to animate. Despite this change, Gabby's old design was re-worked into Ice Queen Isabella.

Hugging Harriet

When Harriet was brought into Liam's style, her design was changed up a bit, including a cuter face, headband, leggings and smoother hair.

Ice Queen Isabella

Isabella's design was originally going to be a naturally-overweight tomboy, but was given a new design to have it coincide with her name, and also to be able to use Gabby's old design properly. Despite this change, the old design would still be used as another character, Clarice Corley.

Jamal the Hedgehog

When Jamal first joined the wiki, his MPM counterpart was planned to look like Modern Sonic wearing a yellow shirt with his initials at the front. However, after he caused lots of mischief and problems in the Macy's Parade and MPM wikis, his design was switched to the original Sonic the Hedgehog movie design, but his outfit remained intact (with the only difference being the "JA" on his shirt changing fonts, as well as wearing the old Sonic movie design's Nike shoes).


Same reason as Captain Candy, as his original design (based on the red-hoodie Comedy World guy from Vyond) would be re-mastered into a Peanuts-like character.

J-Free the Jingle Rapper

J-Free holds the record for the most design changes for a single character. On March 13, 2020, Liam introduced an avatar and villain counterpart for JFree1 (a user who spammed a few pages on the Macy's Parade Wiki back in June 2018) depicting a letter "J" wearing a Santa hat, with the original name being called "J the Jingle Goon". However, Kamryn suggested that he should be given a redesign, due to him being too similar to Fabulous J. Marr, and so the final decision to re-work the design was made. After more than three weeks of being taken back to the drawing board, his re-design was introduced, now depicted as an anthropomorphic jingle bell, with blue mitts and a Santa hat added as callbacks to his initial design. A little later, Jamarcus would give the character yet another makeover as he thought this incarnation was unfitting. In his sketch of the character, he is depicted as a rapper with a black round figure (similar to the M&M's mascots), a green beanie, a letter "J" necklace, blue jeans, and dark brown boots. However, Kamryn, would give him a redo for the fourth time in a row, now making him a purple oval with a red-and-white beanie wearing a jingle ball necklace. Liam liked this design most of all, and has since become his official look.


Originally, DerpYoshi's avatar depicted him as a Red Yoshi wearing SMG4 gear (designed by MickeyMouseLover2001). However, when his designer gained his bad name on June of 2020, it was decided that the avatar would be switched to the user counterpart's OC, Jobi. This was also done for the same reason as to why Brooke the Peace Girl's design was changed.

Lizzy Lightning

Lizzy was originally going to have a design similar to that of Western cartoons, but she was later re-mastered into an anime-styled character, to match her user counterpart's profile icon well, suggested by Kamryn.

Nyan Mao

Nyan Mao was originally named "Super Mao", and depicted MaoMao from the Cartoon Network series "MaoMao: Heroes of Pure Heart" in a green suit with swords on it and gray pants. However, the design was transferred into a pixelated version of MaoMao (based on the appearence of "Nyan Cat") after his designer, MickeyMouseLover2001, gained a bad reputation in late June of 2020.


Prickle -- the avatar and villain counterpart of BOOISDAKING753 -- had a much different design compared to what would end up making the cut. He was originally going to be a mallard duck (similar to a Down & Dirty Duck character and Daffy Duck from Looney Tunes) with green feathers (like Plucky Duck from Tiny Toon Adventures), wearing Peter Griffin's glasses, as well as Eric Cartman's coat, pants and winter hat, and Evil Spinel's ponytails. His name was also originally called "Peter Cartman the Duck", which was designed by Alex Spark. However, soon after the design was introduced, Liam decided to completely remake the design, now depicted as the titular character from the CBeebies show, Boo! in a cactus-like form, as well as a name change to "Prickle-Patch". This was mainly due to many problems surrounding the design, such as the fact that the now-infamous Mickey stated that because the user counterpart has the word "BOO" in their title, he should look like the said character from CBeebies, as well as the fact that the original design had remnants of three adult-oriented characters (Peter Griffin, Eric Cartman, and Down and Dirty Duck), and Liam stated that he'd like the MPM franchise to be family friendly. And so, the final decision to rework the character was made, with the Evil Spinel ponytails being kept as a callback to the initial design.

Despite being a vandal account created by Mickey, Prickle-Patch will most likely remain in the franchise, as he was made to be a villain to begin with.

Ryan the Galaxy Spinner

In April of 2020, Kamryn discovered a user named RyStar88, and designed an avatar for them, depicting a girl with a love for LED lights. However, Jamarcus would propose a different design after Liam admitted to wanting RyStar overhauled. The final result was Luma from the Super Mario Galaxy franchise with the dress of Rosalina. However, Kamryn wasn't too fond of this design, and offered to re-purpose it as the avatar for another user, Lady Lostris. The now-infamous Mickey would also try his hand at a design, showing Rosalina in a different dress, and Luma with a hat on. While Liam really liked this design, Kamryn didn't like it at all, calling it a "re-color". Because of it, Liam gave him a fourth redesign, now being shown as an anthropomorphic spinner toy with a star pattern on his body, and light-up effects. Kamryn likes this design more, and after getting his approval, it's since become his official look. Even though it was disapproved as RyStar's avatar, the character's first design was re-purpose into another character, Rhonda Tracee, as suggested by Kamryn.

Starflake the Whale

He was originally going to be based on the standard Wiki user icon (which the design would now be used as the Iconicle People), but was later changed into a Phillie Phanatic-like character, called "The Starflake Phanatic". However, after the Phillie Phanatic got a court case of being a free agent, his design would be changed again, this time as an anthropomorphic whale in a hockey jersey, based off of the Whale Gretzky inflatable mascot. Unlike the past two scrapped designs, Starflake the Whale is a permanent decision for the character.

Sweet-Tooth Sabrina

Sabrina was originally going to have visible eyes, leggings and a polka-dotted hat. However, she was later given an overhaul, with hair bangs covering the eyes, the leggings being demoted into a skirt, and the removal of the polka-dotted hat. Despite this, Sabrina's old design was re-worked into Astronaut Amanda.


Originally, he would have Bullwinkle's brown antlers and Underdog's costume. But this was intentionally changed to different colors to avoid copyright, making the antlers blue, as well as the jumpsuit purple, with a "T" instead of a "U".

Walter the Word Salad

After his user counterpart, Ghbfufyjguj, caused chaos on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Wiki, his avatar was originally supposed to be a camel wearing a green shirt reading "Uh-Oh, Guess What Day It Is?" as well as a blue hat worn backwards. However, Kamryn decided to overhaul it into a completely different appearance, now depicted as a bowl filled with letters of the alphabet. After getting Liam's approval on this, it has since become Ghbfufyjguj's official design.


In the summer of 2019, during MPM's earliest days, RARWolf10 wanted to be represented in the franchise, and proposed an avatar. When Kamryn added him to the original MPM poster, he had ghost white skin, a blank and expressionless face, light brown hair and a blue shirt. Shortly after this, RAR corrected his color scheme, now depicting him with light orange skin, dark brown hair, a red shirt with lime buttons, blue jeans and black cleats.

Minor Changes to Characters

Arthuruptor the Super Saiyan

When Arthuruptor was re-instated to the franchise on April of 2020, the "1" emblem on his shirt was changed to his catchphrase, "What a Wonderful Kind of Day!"

Captain Candy

On December 2019, Candy's boots were re-done to make them more smooth-looking, as the original ones were poorly drawn.

DJ Derilay

In November of 2019, Derilay was given a bit of an overhaul, including an altered hairstyle and a slightly friendlier face (done in attempt to make her cuter), with the addition of shiny jeans. A day later, her hairstyle and face were reverted back to how it originally was, but the shiny jeans remained.

Gabby the Gelatin Girl

When Gabby's improved design was first designed by Kamryn, he gave her pale skin and yellow shorts. However, when she was brought into Liam's style, her skin color was reverted back to fair, and the color of her shorts were changed to chartreuse.

Hugging Harriet

On May 20th, 2020, Liam finally got the hang of downloading new fonts to Adobe Animate (the program used to produce Shea the Animation Superstar). Because of this, he decided to change the font of the "Hug Me" text on Harriet's shirt to the Boomers Love font.

Jumping Janie

Janie originally wore a headband, but it was replaced with a helmet to keep herself more protected and safe.

Maracus the Magic Snake

Maracus was originally a simple rattlesnake, under the name “Snakey”. However, he was later given a magic wand tail and a name change, as the original design looked too generic.


When Melanie was brought into Liam’s style, he made her bow bigger and on the top of a headband, to closely resemble that of the actual user.

Red the Loud Engine

In February of 2020, Red’s hair was dyed red and blue, as a remnant to Harley Quinn, as suggested by Gunnar himself.

Rollerblader Riley

When Riley was brought into Liam's style, she was given padding on her elbows and knees for the same reason as to Jumping Janie.

Other Redesigns

Sometimes, even objects, buildings, and even logos in the franchise need a refurbishment to make sure they look just right. Below, you will find these items that were given tweaks or complete overhauls.

The Parade Tower

Back in MPM's early stages of development, the Parade Tower was meant to be a huge gray rectangle building with many windows, a large door, and letters reading "PARADE TOWER" on it, designed by Kamryn. However, in April 2020, this was immensely changed, as Liam found this design to be very bland. The new version impoves on this, by adding much more space to the building to make it appear larger, makes the chatroom more visible, having two posters attached to each side of the building (bearing the series logo on the left, and the text "For those who are fans of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade" on the right), and having an cold-air inflatable statue of B.J. Turkey above the entrance, designed by Liam and JamarcusMudkip. This design was met with extremely positive reception, and after being approved by Kamryn, has become the official design since.

The logo was originally yellow text reading "Macy's Parade Mysteries", designed by Kamryn. However, like the Parade Tower, Liam also saw this as bland, and the logo was retired in December 2019. The logo's successor had a blue and red star, with the words "Macy's" (in its coporate font), "Parade" (in a bold blue and red font), and "Mysteries" (in a stylized yellow and red font). This designed proved to be a massive success, and stayed the official logo for a short while. A few days later, Kamryn would tweak this design a little, slightly changing up the fonts for each word, and adding the words "Shea the Animation Superstar Presents" on the top. Liam liked this update proposal, and Kamryn's version is currently in use today.

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