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 Rules for contributors

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  2. Do not create pages for any user that has not been represented in an MPM character, or name any upcoming new characters without official confirmation.
  3. Attempt not to upload poor-quality images to this Wiki.
  4. Vandalism is prohibited on this Wiki. This includes the unexplained removal of legitimate content, adding irrelevant obscenities or crude humor, blanking pages, and contributing obvious nonsense. In fact, all pages are protected due to these reasons.
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  7. No IP accounts are allowed on this Wiki. IP users have been banned because a common majority of these users contribute a lot of bogus content.
  8. No characters based off companies, users with inappropriate usernames, or people un-related to the parade fanbase are allowed in the franchise. Characters like these will either be moved to The Gremlin Gang, made into generic characters, repurposed into a future character, or booted from the series entirely upon discovery.
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