Maracus the Magic Snake (Stairdefeater) is one of the minor heroes of the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise.


Maracus is a friendly rattlesnake who likes to do magic tricks for entertainment, with the help of his maraca wand tail. Unlike LaughingSock the Wizard, who is an evil magician, Maracus is a nice magician, and is also proven to do better tricks than LaugingSock. Alongside Sparky, he is the shortest known member of the heroes team.


Maracus is a simple rattlesnake, who has light-brown skin, and a magic star wand as a rattle, giving him the ability to do magic tricks.


  • Originally, Maracus's name was supposed to be Snakey, and his design was supposed to be a simple snake. However, due to the character's generic design, he was given an overhaul with a name change, as well as a new maraca wand tail, while still keeping most of the design the same.
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