Meet the Characters: Trenton the Funny Blockbuster is the eighth short in the MPM franchise, as well as the fifth entry in the Meet the Characters mini-series.


At the Parade History Station, Bryan Crowell announces that his history video on Barney the Dinosaur in the Macy's Parade is about to premiere, and everybody gets excited. Then, Brooke hears a knock at the door, and a voice saying "knock-knock". When she opens it, somebody at the other end tells her to shut the door and respond with "Who's there?" after he knocks. She does so, and after Brooke fails to guess who's at the other end of the door, Trenton bursts through and laughs. Lauren rushes over and greets Trenton, and he greets her back, followed by greeting Brooke. Then, he notices SpongeField and Riley, and blushes at the pure sight of them. After that, he skates over to Harry, and makes a joke that if he combines Harry's first name and his last name, you'll get "Harry Potter", which makes Hayley, who is nearby, laugh. Another knock is heard, and Harriet decides to answer it this time. The person on the other end of the door makes a knock-knock joke about an "interrupting zebra", and then Mada-Marty all of a sudden bursts through the doors and starts uttering a song. After he finishes up his song, he calls Harriet a crybaby, and laughs at her. This hurts her feelings, and she begins to cry, with Brooke trying to comfort her. Trenton decides to give Marty some payback for what he did. At first, Marty doesn't know what's gonna happen, as Trenton is just circling his arms. After a few moments, a giant elf head springs out of his top. Marty, revealed to be scared of elves, runs off in fear. This makes Harriet feel better, and SpongeField tells Trenton he really knows how to make people feel better. The premiere countdown begins, with Dori beating her drum to get their attention. Trenton says goodbye to the audience, before the question of the day appears.



  • This is the first title card to have voice audio in it (in this case, the voices are saying Trenton's name).
  • This is the third MPM showcase video to have a different colored thumbnail (in this case, purple). It's also the second MPM video with a different colored title card.
  • TogeBoomer's voice recording in this episode is recycled from the one used in SpongeField's showcase video.
  • This video marks the debuts of Bryan Crowell, Laughing Lauren, Spot the Detective, Astronaut Amanda, Heyley Waalen, Mada-Marty and Dori the Marching Robot.
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