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  • Earlier in the Chat, I brought up these two things that you can do as drawings.

    1. Doppelganger John Piper (his avatar will be John Piper with a dark blue buttoned shirt instead of a black one, as well as a yellow baseball cap (similar to the one his good counterpart usually wears when he's outside) which can eject gadgets, and a pair sunglasses.)

    2. A Shaun the Sheep balloon fan-rendering (his design will be generic, but he'll be holding the Frog from "Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon")

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  • KingPhxntom7's Avatar
    You know that friendly new user who joined the chat earlier called "KingPhxntom7? Well, here is his MPM avatar!

    Give a warm welcome to this shark-out-of-water, Neptune the Friendly Shark!

    Well, what do you think?

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  • Jayden and Melanie (Shea's Style)
    Well Kamryn, here are the official designs for what Jayden and Melanie will look like in my drawings and animations!

    This looks very promising to the both of us, so what do you think?

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  • It should be titled "A Music-Lover Conflict"

    The drawing will be based off of a scene from the Woody & Daffy Duck video "Squidward's Uber Driving Experience". In the drawing, four of the Balloonatics are arguing in the Parade Mobile about what song genre they want on the radio (Cipher Rapper wants rap, R.H the Parade Banner wants pop, DJ Derilay wants rock, and Polar the Robloxian wants Broadway). Archival Apple, who is driving the mobile, is seen sighing about the conflict in annoyance.

    NOTE: This drawing is just for fun

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  • Trenton Potter's Avatar
    I'm sure we're all familiar with Trenton Potter, who made over 521 edits on the Wiki since he joined in 2015. Well, we finally have an avatar for him!

    Give a warm welcome to Trenton the Funny Blockbuster!

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  • Alright! Without further ado, here are the characters for the third MPM Poster!

    - Abigail the Adventurer

    - Ashton the Hat

    - Boomerang Shane

    - Catherine the Wish Maker

    - Cipher Rapper

    - Clarice Corley

    - Coo-Coo the Bird

    - Dan the Ginger Cat

    - Daphne the Furball Girl

    - Hannah the NYC Lover

    - Hugging Harriet

    - Ice Queen Isabella

    - Kool Star

    - Krazy Kart

    - Jayden and Melanie

    - Massive-Head Morgan

    - Mr. Piggy

    - Parker the Handy Robot

    - Quik Hedgehog

    - Rolly the Skateboard Pug

    - Swashbuckling Sarah and Doubloon Donald

    I will show you the position proposal next time we're in the Chat, and once Rolly the Skateboard Pug's design is revealed!

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  • Below, you will find a list of drawings that I think would be great as Birthday presents:

    1. Shea the Superstar promo drawing (for the Character Design Gallery)

    2. More promo drawings for the Character Design Gallery

    3. The second MPM Poster

    4. Pop Fizz promo drawing (like I requested before)

    5. Eruptor promo drawing

    6. Sky promo drawing

    7. Lana promo drawing

    8. Marker promo drawing

    9. GREMLIN GANG BADGE - "Acap-Ella!" (drawing depicts Ella singing) (awarded for writing a comment on 10 different blog posts)

    10. GREMLIN GANG BADGE - "Anchors Aweigh" (drawing depicts Wash Buckler on a Pirate Ship) (awarded for adding 50 articles to categories)

    11. GREMLIN GANG BADGE - "Off We Go, Into the Wild Lana Yonder!" (drawing depicts Sky holding Lana wearing an aviator's hat) (awarded for adding 100 articles to categories)

    12. GREMLIN GANG BADGE - "Garden Hero" (drawing depicts Marker defeating the Naughty Gophers, with one having a head bump after the victory) (awarded for adding 250 articles to categories)

    13. GREMLIN GANG BADGE - "Vocoded Voices Are Better Than One!" (drawing depicts Puffball) (awarded for writing 1 blog post)

    14. MPM BADGE - "Surprise!" (drawing depicts Sparky popping out of nowhere and scaring George away) (awarded for making 1 edit on a Main Heroes article)

    15. MPM BADGE - "Music Lover" (drawing depicts DJ Derilay wearing headphones) (awarded for making 5 edits on Main Heroes articles)

    16. MPM BADGE - "On Broadway" (drawing depicts Polar wearing sunglasses) (awarded for making 10 edits on Main Heroes articles)

    17. MPM BADGE - "TNT Sez...whoops! TNT Says!" (drawing depicts TNT painting a wall that reads "TNT Says") (awarded for making 25 edits on Main Heroes articles)

    18. MPM BADGE - "SpongeField the Jokester" (drawing depicts SpongeField laughing) (awarded for making 50 edits on Main Heroes articles)

    19. MPM BADGE - Gem Archiver (drawing depicts Diana Dimenette holding diamonds on both her hands) (awarded for making 100 edits on Main Heroes articles)

    20. MPM BADGE - "Parade Brigade" (drawing depicts R.H. the Parade Banner with Nick-Noe-Network, Aviator Mickey Dragon, and Luke) (awarded for making 250 edits on Main Heroes articles)

    21. MPM BADGE - "Leaders of the Bunch!" (drawing depicts Shea the Superstar and Jay Marcus) (awarded for making 500 edits on Main Heroes articles)

    22. MPM BADGE - "Big Purple Puppet" (drawing depicts Kerney the Purple Puppet) (awarded for making 1 edit on a Recurring Heroes article)

    23. MPM BADGE - "Peace on Earth" (drawing depicts Brooke the Peace Girl holding a Peace symbol) (awarded for making 50 edits on Recurring Heroes articles)

    24. MPM BADGE - "Keepin' It Cold!" (drawing depicts Ice Queen Isabella) (awarded for making 100 edits on Recurring Heroes articles)

    25. MPM BADGE - "Fox Lab Fanfare" (drawing depicts Monumental Austin) (awarded for making 500 edits on Recurring Heroes articles)

    26. MPM BADGE - "Shouting for Attention" (drawing depicts Caroline the Cheergirl) (awarded for making 1 edit on a Minor Heroes article)

    27. MPM BADGE - "Illuminati Rapper" (drawing depicts Cipher Rapper) (awarded for making 50 edits on Minor Heroes articles)

    28. MPM BADGE - "Starting your Flight" (drawing depicts Richard Buran holding onto a handling line) (awarded for making 1 edit on an Occasional Heroes article)

    29. MPM BADGE - "He Shoots, He Tours!" (drawing depicts Stanley the Tourist Square) (awarded for making 50 edits on Occasional Heroes articles)

    30. MPM BADGE - "In The Middle of a Chat" (drawing depicts Sargeant Canine, Donkey Keno Kong, and Optimistic Orange) (awarded for making 250 edits on Occasional Heroes articles)

    31. MPM BADGE - "Being Kool" (drawing depicts Kool Star) (awarded for making 50 edits on Male Characters articles)

    32. MPM BADGE - "Friendly Squeeze" (drawing depicts Gabby and Sandra bonding together) (awarded for making 50 edits on Female Characters articles)

    By the way, I know this seems like a lot, but I'd just like my Birthday to be made the best of it, especially since the world is feeling stressed right now due to what's been happening lately. Also, you can post some of them as early Birthday presents, while saving the bigger ones for the date we honor my birth.

    Also, a silver lining to your school being closed is that it will give you more time to work on these. :)

    --- The Hero of the Wiki, Liam/Shea the Superstar

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  • PressReleases' Avatar

    "The Bearer of Fake News" by PressReleases

    This past year, Xavier made two sockpuppet accounts called "PressReleases" and "StPatricksDayParadeNYC". So, I've decided to make them villains in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise, as two of Roman the Mischievous Map's many goons in the franchise!

    First off, I would like to welcome Foul Flags back to the franchise, as The Bearer of Fake News!

    And secondly, I present to you, Bad Luck Shamrock!

    StPatricksDayParadeNYC's Avatar

    "Bad Luck Shamrock" by StPatricksDayParadeNYC

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  • SirPlays' Avatar
    Today, I asked SirPlays on Discord if he would like to have his very own avatar for the MPM franchise. He responded by saying he'd like his character to be a yellow dog with a safari hat.

    Introducing Sargeant Canine!

    Well, what do you think?

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  • GrouchMan21's Avatar
    Well Kamryn, here he is! The founder of the Balloonatics and the reason we're all together!

    Introducing B.J. Turkey!

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