Neptune the Friendly Shark (KingPhxntom7) is one of the minor heroes in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise.


Despite looking like a fierce and menacing shark, Neptune is actually a kind and sweet-natured shark who wants to be friends with the other Balloonatics. Unlike most sea creatures, Neptune can actually breathe in dry land, therefore he is able to go anywhere he wants in the Parade Tower. When he's not in the water, he has the ability to walk, thanks in part to his tail fins which can be multi-purposed as legs when he's in dry land. He has many best buddies, including his Idol Balloonatic, Swashbuckling Sarah, as she is often seen willing to give Neptune some treats, as well as Gabby and Sandra, who like to volunteer themselves as chew toys for Neptune (since they are both immune of injury thanks to their squishy and softbody physics), His other buddies include Tele-Pineapple, Starflake, Aviator MickeyAbigail, Catherine, and Donkey Keno Kong.


Neptune is a simple green shark who wears a golden crown. He also bears a set of plastic teeth, meaning that he is a truly safe character and never harms anyone.

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