"Level up the channel!" - Nick-Noe-Network's official catchphrase.

Nick-Noe-Network (Justin Noe or JustinNoe2010) is one of the main heroes in Macy's Parade Mysteries.


He was ONCE the cousin of George O' Gungeman, so he follows his orders all the time. He made his way to the Macy's Parade Fan Club, saying he was also a fan of the parade, so the let him in, not knowing the truth he was hiding. Once they learned he was George's cousin, they kicked him out. Three days later, George was going to beat up the heroes, wanting to take Noe with him. But after refusing to follow his instructions, he was kicked off the Waste Seekers, and was allowed back in the Fan Club. When he's not getting in trouble with his relative, he's watching TV or playing video games.


He is a rectangle divided in two squares, similar to that of the Cartoon Network logo. His face is on the top as well as hit Nickelodeon splat-shaped hair, with the letter "N" on the bottom, standing for his name. He has Object style arms and legs.

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