Nikki the Positive Princess (LittleMissDaisy) is one of the recurring heroes in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise. She is one of the most frequently recurring heroes in the franchise.


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Nikki is a tall 13-year-old girl who usually wears a Princess Peach crown. Her face resembles that of SpongeBob SquarePants, with big blue eyes, freckles, yellow hair and buckteeth. Her main attire is a teal dress that covers up her legs, and pearl earrings. She also wears red glittery shoes, though these are rarely seen.


  • Originally, Nikki was going to represent a user named "I'mABabyPeachAndILoveSpongeBob". However, after she was revealed to be the sock-puppet account of MickeyMouseLover2001 (a user revealed to be a vandal on June 22nd of 2020), it was decided she would instead represent LittleMissDaisy.
  • She is the second known female Balloonatic who has pierced ears and wears earrings, with the other being Clara Cutie.
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