Optimistic Orange (Orangey8895) is one of the occasional heroes in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise.


Optimistic Orange -- hence his name -- is a confident fruit who always thinks positive of everything and himself. He is also the Macy's Parade Discord Club's main chatterbox. His Idol Balloonatic is Polar the Robloxian, who can every so often be seen hanging out with him in the Discord Tower, as well as his group mates Donkey Keno Kong and Sargeant Canine. His other buddies include Apple, Shea, Diana, Jay, Shieldy, Nick-Noe, SpongeField, TogeBoomer, and Wolfy.


He is a simple orange fruit design, complete with a green stem with leaves and object-styled limbs.


  • Orange, alongside Donkey Keno Kong, are the first occasional MPM characters to be based on Discord users.
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