"That'll hold 'em alwight!" -- Pesky Chungus' official catchphrase

Pesky Chungus (Areglin) is one of the supporting villains in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise. He appears often in the franchise.


Chungus is a very irritating and obnoxious fat wabbit, and likes to constantly irritate anyone who is a fan of the official Bugs Bunny. He is also clever, as he usually attempts to evade traps that the good Balloonatics set up. He also enjoys trying to sell bootleg video games of Big Chungus.


Most of his appearance is based on the titular character from the popular Big Chungus meme, but he wears a black wooly hat and a plaid green shirt, and has a mustache.


  • He is the second MPM character to be based on a popular meme, with the first being Juanic.
  • He is also the first villain character to be based on a meme.
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