Your turn at bat sir! At least I didn't fake it! - Polar in his audition.

Polar the Robloxian (Polarjack77) is one of the main heroes in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise.

Fictional Biography

Polar's official backstory begins on one cold and snow-filled night on December 30th, 2003. He was born into an art-driven family where his father was a world-renowned poet and his mother was a famous Roblox City Musical Theater actress. As to carry on with his mother's spirit, he decided to join a production of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Shortly afterwords, he found his old theater troupe doing call-outs of Elf: The Musical where he met a British balloon maker named Harry the Dreamer. Harry was currently on the search for balloonatics worldwide for the creation of the IME Entertainment Big Balloon Parade (formerly known as the Atari Mediactive Big Balloon Parade.) As of now, he works at Fox's Make Believe Band Theater Troupe, The 1986 Celebration Parade Studio and Humble Parade Studio. He currently resides in the Parade Tower with his many friends. 


Polar is very calm, and rarely gets mad. He also has a big imagination, and also likes to crack jokes and do predictions/ideas for future Macy's Parades. His favorite food is dinosaur chicken nuggies. He is also a theater kid, so he usually likes watching Once Upon a Mattress (2005). Much like Shea, he is one of only a small handful of balloonatics that has seen the Parade live.


Polar is a blue-skinned Robloxian with a gray tuxedo witha gold collar and white shirt with a black button. He has a red bowtie, white gloves, dark gray shoes with lighter gray stripes, and a red hat reading "PJ77".



Shea (Best Friend), Harry the Dreamer (2nd Best Friend), Jay Marcus, TNT Sparky, Woody Woodpixel, Seeymore The Elf Wonka, Jovie Erulie, Walter the Wizard Hobbs, Maya the Punk Rocker, Prince Ironless the Dentist, Gingerbread Man Helper, King Billis, Princess Bloody Audrey, Red the Loud Engine, SpongeField AlphaLoud, Ti the Jester, Liat the Love Minstrel, Queen Erzuile


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