"Happy Thanksgiving!" -- R.H. the Parade Banner's official catchphrase

R.H. the Parade Banner is one of the main heroes in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise.


He was found undereath an old Parade banner, and was much like a sentimental item. The other balloonatics take it back to help remind Sparky of home. Eventually, when Marcus the Magic Snake is performing some tricks near Sparky's bed, he makes the banner come to life. And thus, R.H. the Parade Banner is born.


R.H. is a die-hard Macy's Parade fan, and loves to watch them in person. He can also often be seen hanging out in the Parade Tower. His friends are Aviator Mickey, Red, TNT, Jay, and Shea.


Most of his design is based on the mobile Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade opening banner from 2017, with the addition of a face in place of where the numbers would be, and disembodied glove hands.


  • R.H. was originally going to be the avatar counterpart of a user called "MPMTheGremlinGangMacysParadeAndPeanutsFan2015". However, the user was revealed to be a troll user, so his association with the MPM franchise was fired. However, this did not mark the end for R.H., as because his character had lots of potential and made sense with the franchise, he would now just be a generic hero.
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