"I'm Angry, But I'm Happy!" - Red The Loud Engine's official catchphrase.

Red The Loud Engine (Gunnar Tarbox) is one of the main villains and heroes in Macy's Parade Mysteries.


Red is depicted as a very happy and fun-loving bird who loves being a chatterbox, and rarely gets angry. One of his favorite activities is to collect and build LEGO sets (with Ninjago being his favorite theme) and playing video games, and offers his friends to help out with his collection. His group of friends include Clara Cutie (Idol Balloonatic and Girlfriend), Green Shieldy, Shea the Superstar, SpongeField AlphaLoud, TogeBoomer, Captain Candy, Jay Marcus, Archival Apple, and Polar the Robloxian.


He is a red bird with a tan stomach, similar to Red from Angry Birds. He also has Lincoln Loud's hairstyle, Harley Quinn's hair color and Thomas the Tank Engine's wheels, making him one of the only transportable characters in the franchise. He also has Thomas' whistle as his bird call. He also has 2 sisters, one sister being a twin named Stella the Loud Engine. And the other sister being a college student named Silver the Loud Engine.

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