“Riley’s the name! Skating is my game!” - Rollerblader Riley’s official catchphrase

Rollerblader Riley (SportyGal) is one of the main heroes in the MPM franchise.


Riley is 13 years old, and a good majority of her behavior is that from a tomboy, as such, she really likes skating around the tower and playing rough with her friends. She's also shown to have bad manners at times, sometimes starting food fights and constantly burping loudly. She can also be seen using some of the Balloonatics as her sparring partners, such as Shea, Maracus, DJ Derilay, Sonic232, Stanley, and Captain Candy. However, her most favorite sparring partner is her boyfriend, SpongeField, as he is the only one who seems to tolerate her rowdy behavior. So the two are very close friends.


Riley is a tall, fit girl who usually is wearing a pink safety helmet with hearts on each side, and has a green bow in her stylized blonde hair, which is tied into a ponytail. She has freckles on her cheeks, and one missing tooth. She wears a green tank top with a purple letter "R" on it, a darker green shirt, light pink socks, and magenta roller skates with four black wheels on each one. She also has pads on her elbows and knees, as well as fingerless gloves.



It is revealed that SpongeField AlphaLoud is actually Riley's boyfriend, and the two became a couple prior to when they both moved into the Parade Tower.

One day, SpongeField lost Buster ToonStock at a local playground, and couldn't find him almost anywhere. Luckily, Riley saw Buster cross her way while skating on a nearby sidewalk.

After finding out that he was the companion of SpongeField (who was crying in a nearby bench because of his missing ToonStock), she safely returns Buster to SpongeField.

Seconds later, after getting his ToonStock back, SpongeField begins to blush his cheeks after making eye contact with Riley for the first time, developing a crush on her.

"Why the blushy cheeks, cutie?" said Riley. "It seems like you have a crush on me".

SpongeField was quite nervous to talk to Riley, and thought she was the cutest girl he ever saw. But then, he takes several deep breathes, and replies to her:

Y-y-y-you're the cutest girl I've ever met!" SpongeField replied. Riley then kisses SpongeField in the cheek, and replies to him back. "To be really honest, you're also the cutest boy I've ever met!"

Much to their appreciation for each other, Riley decided to become SpongeField's girlfriend, in which he cheerfully accepted. Since then, they've been very close to each other.

Sometime after that, they discovered the Parade Tower together, and decided to move there to make new friends, which they did. Since then, they became members of the Balloonatics.

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