"X marks the mischief!" - Roman the Mischevious Map's official catchphrase

Roman the Mischievous Map (Xavieromao) is one of the main villains of the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise. He is the primary leader of an infamous club known as the Waste Seekers.


Roman is quite possibly the most dreaded character in the Land of Wackiness, for multiple reasons. He likes to steal any concept art a good Balloonatic makes, just so he can claim it as his own. He also likes to spread rumors about a Teen Titans Go! balloon being added to the parade, which everyone can't stand. He is also worst enimies with SpongeField, who he likes to make fake accounts of on websites. He can also be seen damaging the Parade Tower in varying ways, but always fails baldy.


He is a square map with a white background, divided into a portion of grass with a lake, and a red line and circle, as well as the words NYC atop his forehead. He also has Object style arms and legs.

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