Despite the MPM franchise having over 200 different Balloonatic characters, sometimes, a user doesn't make it to the roster for one reason of another. Below, you will find a list of characters who were either booted from the cast, were seen as useless overtime, or got disapproved of.

Aviator Mickey Dragon (MickeyMouseLover2001)

Aviator Mickey Dragon (or AMD for short) was meant to be a main character in MPM, as a combination of many classic Macy's Parade balloons. However, his user counterpart, MickeyMouseLover2001, was revealed to be a vandal and a misbehaving user on June 22nd of 2020. Due to this, he was blocked indefinitely, and the character was scrapped to avoid any references to his user counterpart. This also caused all videos including him to be edited in order to write him out of the franchise. Despite this, he is now represented in the franchise as Neon Mickey Dragon.

Benny the Balloon Coach (BenjaminTheCoachMeIfYouCanFan2006)

Because BenjaminTheCoachMeIfYouCanFan2006 was one of Mickey's sock-puppet accounts, Benny the Balloon Coach would also be cut from the franchise. Despite this, he would now be represented as Benny the Balloon Vandal.


After Socococ made a sockpuppet account, named "Big@ssCøck", and he invaded the chat, I&SG1986 didn't even want him to be on the show due to his unacceptable username. The same thing would happen to his next sockpuppet account, "F**k this S**t".

Black Yoshi (Black yoshi plays cod)

After Socococ made a another sockpuppet account, named "Black yoshi plays cod", and he invaded the chat, I&SG1986 didn't even want him to be on the show due to several controversies with SuperMarioLogan.

Catherine the Wish Maker (TrueAndTheRainbowKingdomFan2007)

Just like Benny the Balloon Coach, Catherine was removed from MPM due to being a Mickey sock-puppet account. As a result, Frida the Fearless would become Green Shieldy's proper girlfriend. She would also now represent Catherine the Witch.

Chiara (ChiaraGamer457)

Chiara was planned to be a minor character and hero in the Macy's Parade Mysteries, but due to ChiaraGamer457 having no association with the Parade fanbase, she was moved to The Gremlin Gang.

Cloudy Flashbacker (Stormierose91)

After Polarjack77 became annoyed when an Instagram user named Stormierose91 repeatedly posted pictures from Universal's Holiday Parade featuring Macy's, the Parade Wiki crew decided to make her an MPM villain depicted as an anthropomorphic storm cloud. However, after some time, the crew felt that they went too far by picking on an innocent Instagram user, so they decided to boot Cloudy from the franchise. It is unknown if she will be re-purposed as another character in the future.

Donnie the Bouncing March Hare (DanielTheNesquikFan76)

Donnie was originally going to be the avatar counterpart of DanielTheNesquikFan76, with the design being based on Quik Bunny with springy legs. However, he never made it past the rough-sketching stage, and was scrapped due to his account actually being MPMTheGremlinGangMacysParadeAndPeanutsFan2015 (or Macy for short), who is now considered a "monster" among the trusted users.

Foul Flags (IndiaItaly&Japan)

Foul Flags was going to be a supposed villain and avatar counterpart of ItalyIndia&Japan, but Inflatable&SportsGuy1986 immediately rejected the idea because he didn't want to come across as a hater of those 3 nations. However, the design of the character would later be recycled into The Bearer of Fake News, with the flags being replaced with logos.

GhostJack the Item Jacker (Jaxen Ross)

Much like Chiara, GhostJack was outed from the franchise and moved to The Gremlin Gang due to Jaxen Ross having no relation with the Parade fanbase.

Gracie (TSBALHF2007)

Originally, TheSpongeBobandLoudHouseFan2007 wanted to give SpongeField a crush character, a geek girl with braces. However, due to the character's pointlessness, and negative feedback from some of his friends, she was quietly removed from the franchise. However, SpongeField would later become a couple with Rollerblader Riley in May of 2020, and they've stayed a couple since then.

Homer Runner (TheSimpsonsRulesFan2002)

Homer Runner was going to be the avatar counterpart of TheSimpsonsRulesFan2002, with a design based on Homer Simpson with a baseball uniform. However, much like Donnie, Homer was taken out of the cast due to his account actually being Macy.

Javier Junior (SuperJavierLogan)

Javier Junior was originally going to be a villain and avatar counterpart to SuperJavierLogan, and portrayed as a rival to Bryan Crowell. However, due to SJL actually being overall friendly, he was removed from the franchise.


On April 15, 2020, a user called "PlatinumBlaze2003" joined Discord, and Kamryn asked him if he'd like to have his own character for the MPM franchise. However, Platinum declined the idea due to lack of interest, marking this as the first time where a user had no interest in being represented in the franchise.

Supercute Daisy (ImDaisyTheFancyPrincess2039)

Same reason as Aviator Mickey Dragon, Benny the Balloon Coach, and Catherine the Wish Maker.

Tiffany the Robotic Girl (MyLifeAsATeenageRobotFan5112)

Much like Donnie and Homer Runner, Tiffany was omitted from the franchise due to her account actually being Macy. She will most likely never be re-purposed as a new character in the future (regardless if as a generic character or the avatar counterpart of a new separate user) as she would bring bad memories of Macy.

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