"The Star of the Show!" - Shea the Superstar's official catchphrase

Shea the Superstar (Inflatable&SportsGuy1986) is the main protagonist of the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise. Also with a big mind, he's also the official mascot of S.T.A.S. Entertainment.


The red-and-teal, five-pointed, blue-capped icon -- who resembles the bright star that led Captain R.H. Macy safely to shore -- is often described as the #1 fan of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (though Jay Marcus begs to differ). He first went to see the Parade live on November 22, 2007, and was amazed by all of the wonderous balloons and floats. So amazed, that he would go back to see the Parade each year, and has since become a cherished tradition of his.

In early January 2018, Shea discovered a giant building not too far from his then-current home, and decided to take a look. He noticed so many amazing features the tower has, such as a room showcasing many lectures on the Parade's signature elements, a news headliner, a board for future Macy's Parade lineups, food galore, and of course, new friends. He became good friends with admins Polar the Robloxian and Jay Marcus, and after doing many things to help out the Parade Tower, such as improving Parade history booths and stopping intruders, he became an admin as well. Eventually, Shea became so popular and loved by his friends, that on September 24, 2019, he was officially named the secondary leader of the Balloonatics, and has kept the title since.


Voiced by his creator Liam, Shea is 17 years old, his favorite things to do are playing baseball, working on animations, and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He also has his own parade, which his friends think is cool, as he lets them participate. He is also one of the three admins of the camp.


Shea is a simple red star with teal outlining. He has black hands and feet, two beady eyes, and a blue cap with an orange "NY" symbol on it.

His Name in Other Countries

  • Karite La Superstar (French)
  • Shea la superestrella (Spanish)
  • Shea Superstella (Italian)
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