"Creativity is Power!" - SpongeField's official catchphrase

SpongeField AlphaLoud (TSBALHF2007!) is one of the main characters in Macy's Parade Mysteries.


SpongeField is a kind and gentle boy, who likes to have fun whenever he can. His main ability is to draw things, and can usually be seen rendering Macy's Parade balloons in his style, or drawing portraits of the other Balloonatics. He also likes watching cartoons, eating, helping the Parade History Station, and chatting with friends. SpongeField is also a practical jokester, and makes people laugh whenever he gets the opportunity. His idol Balloonatic, soulmate, and girlfriend is Rollerblader Riley, as they've been friends for a long time, even prior to joining the Parade Tower. His other friends include TNT, Raiya, Candy, A, Trenton, Derilay, Chris, Marissa, Red, Abigail, Nikki, Aymegg, and Shea.


SpongeField is a relatively short preteen kid with black hair, and wears a SpongeBob hat with Garfield's ears. His main attire is a light blue shirt with a Loud House decal on it, a Macy's star pin, white pants with the alphabet on it and a prop Wubbzy tail on the back, a toolbelt, red socks, and gray shoes, and sometimes carries around a Baldi ruler as an accessory. He also owns a pet named Buster ToonStock, who is Woodstock from the Peanuts franchise with the shirt and feet of Buster Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures.


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  • As of May 2020, he's earned $960,000,000,000,000,00 dollars from selling his artwork and other creations, making him the second most wealthiest Balloonatic in the franchise (only behind Eugene the Rich Engine).

His Name in Other Languages

Sünger Alan Alfa Yüksek Sesle (Turkish)

スポンジフィールドアルファラウド (Japanese)

Schwammfeld Alpha laut (German)

Campo de esponja alfa alto (Portuguese)

Спондж Поле Алфа Силен (Bulgarian)

Fusha sfungjer alfa me zë të lartë (Albanian)

Губка поле альфа громко (Russian)

Głośna gąbka alfa (Polish)

Svampasvæði alfa hávær (Icelandic)

Szivacsmező alfa hangos (Hungarian)

Sieni-kenttä alfaääni (Finnish)

스폰지 필드 알파 시끄러운 (Korean)

ฟองน้ำฟิลด์อัลฟาดัง (Thai)

زمینه اسفنجی آلفا بلند (Persian)

Губка поле Альфа Гучна (Ukranian)

स्पंज फील्ड अल्फा लाउड (Hindi)

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