"Hey! I Whaled It!" -- Starflake the Whale's official catchphrase

Starflake the Whale (Starflake199) is one of the main heroes in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise.


The great one, the great BIG one - it's Starflake the Whale! Slide over, Shamu! Move over, Moby Dick! Forget Free Willy! Starflake's a one-of-a-kind whale that is out-of-the-water wild! He likes to play hockey, and is great friends with his fellow Balloonatics, as well as Stanley the Tourist Square. And when he swims in...better bring your raincoat, because you're gonna get wet!


Starflake is based off of the Whale Gretzky Inflatable costume from Zooperstars, with the addition of an actual starflake symbol on his jersey. He also has a letter "A" on his jersey, which stands for "Admin" as he is one of them. He also has the word "Starflake" on his helmet, as well as "199" as his official jersey number.


  • Starflake is capable of shooting silly string out of his blowhole.


  • Starflake, alongside Stanley the Tourist Square, are the only characters themed after National Hockey League franchises.
  • Starflake has went through several avatar changes--he was originally going to be based off of the standard user icon, but was later redesigned into a Phillie Phanatic-like character called "The Starflake Phanatic". However, after the Phillie Phanatic got a court case of being a free agent, it was later decided that he would be a whale in a hockey uniform. Unlike the past two scrapped avatars, Starflake the Whale is a permanent decision.
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