"On Time, Every time!" -- Super Wing Woodbridge's official catchphrase.

Super Wing Woodbridge (Bobby Woodbridge) is one of the minor heroes in Macy's Parade Mysteries.


Despite having frequent misunderstandings and often making minor mistakes (which the other Balloonatics can understand), Woodbridge is a good-hearted learjet who wants to help out his friends. He is also the delivery man of the world of Shea the Animation Superstar, as he likes to deliver letters and packages everywhere in the Land of Wackiness, and sometimes, even the two cities that are near it (Piperbass (from TGG) and New York City), as postal services tend to travel cross-country. His Idol Balloonatics include TNT and Tele-Pineapple, as they both like to do fantasy Parades like he does.


Most of his appearance is based off of Jett from Super Wings, with the addition of a wooden baseball helmet that has bridge trusses attached to its sides and wingspan.

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