The Bearer of Fake News (PressReleases) is one of the main villains in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise, as well as one of Roman the Mischievous Map's goons.


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He is a stack of three logos, with Ohio State on the top, Teen Titans Go! in the center, and The Grinch at the bottom. Like the majority of the characters, he has an Object-styled faced and limbs.


  • The rectangle-stacked body of the character was originally going to be used for Foul Flags -- a villain an avatar counterpart for ItalyIndia&Japan (another sockpuppet account made by Xavieromao). However, Foul Flags ended up getting booted from the cast, as Liam stated that having a villain like that would be very offensive to those three countries. Months later, it was decided that Bearer would take the shape of this design, with the flags being replaced with logos.
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