The Busters of Parade Media are a group of minor villains in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise.


They run a shady business corporation, and like to erase parade telecasts and archives for no reason, which makes them infamous in the Land of Wackiness. They also hate the Balloonatics for uploading them to other parade fans, mainly Archival Apple, since that's his job.


The walkie-talkies consist of gray rectangles with mint green screens with their faces, speaker holes, and a gray pole sticking out of their tops, topped off with a red ball. The discs are flat, light blue circles with reflecting light streaks on them. All of them have Object-styled limbs.


Ban-Ray 2000: A blue contraption, which when shot at a telecast or any other parade memerobilia, causes it to disappear.


Originally, they were going to be based off the WMG (the company known for blocking Macy's Parade telecasts), but because they're just a music company, and making them villains would be offensive, The Busters would instead just be generic villains.

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