"This is gonna be awesome!" - TogeBoomer's official catchphrase.

TogeBoomer (IAmaBoomer) is one of the main heroes in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise.


One day, Shea, TNT and SpongeField were having fun drawing things, and one of SpongeField's drawings was of TogeBoomer. A little later, Diana comes in and says she likes their drawings, and opens the windows. Once opened, the sunlight caused a beam of light to reflect from Diana's shiny outfit, and hit the TogeBoomer drawing, bringing him to life.


Toge is usually a bombasic and goofy Balloonatic, but is also a kindhearted, loveable hero that loves to care for others in need. If he gets angry, He will immediately ban the villain who is hacking into the Parade Tower or any Land of Wackiness building. Toge also has a bird companion known as "BillieDonald". Toge's favorite game is Hangman, and he's also a fan of many classic balloons from the 60's, such as Linus the Lionhearted, Bullwinkle, and Happy Dragon, and is also a fan of nostalgia. His idol Balloonatic is Diana Dimenette, who brought TogeBoomer to life, so he can sometimes think of her as his "mother" because of this. His best friends are Nick-Noe-Network, Super Mao, Greg Read, SpongeField AlphaLoud, and Vintage Vanessa (Girlfriend).


He is based on Togetic from the Pokemon franchise, but wears a purple costume with a letter "T" on it, and an orange cape. He also has two blue antler-like antennas sticking out from the sides of his head.

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  • TogeBoomer is the first MPM character to ever be based on a Pokemon.
  • Toge is one of the widest characters in the MPM franchise, being 15 feet wide.
  • As of May 2020, he has earned more than $9,000,000,000 from donating his recreation models, making him one of the wealthiest balloonatics in the series.
  • Toge's earliest design idea depicted him as a hybrid of Both Bullwinkle and Underdog. However, this was changed to avoid a massive copyright strike by Nintendo, Classic Media, and Dreamworks Classics.


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