Toony Marissa (TinyToonsLover1990) is one of the recurring heroes in the Macy's Parade Mysteries franchise.


Marissa is usually a wacky girl who likes watching Tiny Toon Adventures among other cartoons, but her silly antics and sense of wit can really help out the Balloonatics whenever they're in trouble. She's also a huge sucker for things of the 1990's. Her best friend is fellow Tiny Toons fan SpongeField, as they share a brother and sister-like relationship and enjoy watching cartoons together. Her other best friend is Looney Chris due to their crazy antics, which they like pulling off together to prank other Balloonatics.


Marissa is a tall and cheery 13-year-old girl. She has large and unkempt blonde hair tied into a ponytail by a pink scrunchie, and freckles on her face. Her casual attire is a dark gray shirt bearing the Tiny Toon Adventures rainbow circles, neon green sweatpants, and dark red shoes.

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