Where's Arthuruptor? is an upcoming full-length episode of Macy's Parade Mysteries. It will be written by Liam  (I&SG1986), who is also the executive producer of Shea the Animation Superstar.


5 months after Arthuruptor was booted from the team due to his lack of usefullness, Jay Marcus and Shea the Superstar began to have second thoughts on this action, and felt it okay for him to be brought back. So they send out a group of Balloonatics to head to a mysterious land --where misfit Balloonatics reside after being disapproved by the Land of Wackiness -- to come and try to give him a second chance!


Details coming when the episode is released.

Confirmed Characters

Unconfirmed, but possible


  • Originally, Eruptor from The Gremlin Gang, another STAS franchise, was supposed to appear in this episode. But this ended up being scrapped, meaning he will not make an appearance in the final product.
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