Wolfy (RARwolf10) is one of the minor heroes in Macy's Parade Mysteries.


Wolfy is a optimistic and smart guy that doesn't interact with people alot due to his anxiety, but when he is relaxed he will act normally. His favorite game is Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and is good friends with TNT due to this similarity they have. He also knows how to play the Synth and the Piano. When the moon rises he howls like a wolf.

He also ownes a staticy microphone that he uses to comunicate with other people.


He has fair skin, and thick brown hair. He wears a red jacket with yellow buttons, jeans, and cleats. His prototype design (seen on the poster) has pale skin, less hair, and a blue shirt.

And when its cold he wears a red scarf, blue and pink earmuffs, and fingerless black gloves.


  • He is the fourth character to come from a different country (in this case, Chile). Because of this, he also can talk in Spanish.
  • He is probaly the youngest member of the club at age 13.
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